April 17-19, 2015
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711 N.W. 72 Avenue
Miami, FL 33126

Esplendor Breakwater

Hotel Victor

Casa Victoria

April 17-19, 2015 -- 7th Annual Miami Rum Festival
and International Trade Exposition for Rum
Rums On Display At Miami Rum Fest Grand Tasting

More than one hundred rums were displayed at the 2014 rum fest and trade expo, offering an unprecedented opportunity for rum enthusiasts to sample, discern and learn about the world of fine rums. Watch this page for updates on products to be presented at the 2015 rum fest and trade expo.

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•Abuelo 12
•Abuelo Añjeo
•Abuelo Centuria
•Admiral Nelson's Spiced Rum
•Appleton Estate 12
•Appleton Estate VX
•Arcane Delicatissime
•Arcane Extraroma 12
•Atlantico Platino
•Atlantico Private Cask
•Atlantico Reserva
•Bacardi 8 Años
•Bacardi Gold
•Bacardi Mango Fusion
•Bacardi Oakheart
•Bacardi Superior
•Barcelo Gran Añejo
•Barcelo Imperial
•Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario
•Barrilito 3 Star
•Barritt's Ginger Beer
•Bãvaro Grand Brut
•Bãvaro Grand Noir
•Bayou Silver
•Bayou Spiced
•Blackheart Spiced
•Black Mamba
•Blue Chair Bay Coconut
•Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced
•Blue Chair Bay White
•Botran Reserva
•Botran Reserva Blanca
•Botran Solera
•Brugal Anejo
•Brugal XV
•Brugal 1888
•Brugal Papa Andrés
•Bundaberg Double Barrel
•Bundaberg Two Eighty
•Bundaberg Blenders Edition 2014
•Carta Vieja Añejo
•Carta Vieja Claro
•Carta Vieja Extra Claro
•Centenario 7
•Centenario 9
•Centenario 20
•Centenario 25
•Cubaney 25
•Cubaney Centenario
•Diplomatico Ambassador
•Diplomatico Añeja
•Diplomatico Blanco
•Diplomatico Reserva
•Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
•DonQ Añejo
•DonQ Coco
•DonQ Cristal
•DonQ Gold
•DonQ Gran Añejo
•DonQ Limon
•DonQ Mojito
•DonQ Pasion
•Dos Maderas 5+3
•Dos Maderas PX 5+5
•Dzama Amber Nosy-Be
•Dzama Amber Cuvée Noire Prestige
•Dzama Cuvée Blanche
•Dzama Cuvée Blanche Prestige
•Dzama Cuvée Noire
•Dzama Vanilla 1 yo
•Dzama Vanilla 3 yo
•Dzama Vanilla 10 yo
•Dzama White Nosy-Be
•Edward Gunpowder
•El Dorado 5
•El Dorado 8
•El Dorado 12
•El Dorado 15
•El Dorado 21
•English Harbour 5
•English Harbour 10
•Flor de Caña Centenario 18
•Flor de Caña Gran Reserva
•Fresh Coconuts - Coconut King
•Gosling's Black Seal
•Gosling's Bermuda Gold
•Gosling's Family Reserve Old
•Gosling's Dark N Stormy
•Gosling's Ginger Beer
•Gubba Gold
•Gubba Silver
•Hampden Estate Gold
•Izapa Platinum White
•Izapa 13 Years
•Izapa Seleccion del Maestro
•Kalani Coconut Rum
•Koloa Coconut
•Koloa Dark
•Koloa Gold
•Koloa Spice
•Koloa White
•Kraken Black Spiced
•Lost Spirits Navy Style
•Medellin 3
•Medellin 8
•Medellin 12
•Matusalem 15
•Matusalem 18
•Mt Gay 1703
•Mt Gay Black Barrel
•Mt Gay Eclipse
•Mt Gay Extra Old
•Ocumare Anejo
•Ocumare Blanco
•Ocumare Reserva
•Oliver's Exquisto 1985
•Opthimus 25
•Opthimus 25 Malt Whiskey
•Opthimus 25 Oporto
•Origenes, Reserva Don Pancho 30
•Origenes, Reserva Don Pancho 8
•Origenes, Reserva Especial 18
•Owney's Original
•Papa's Pilar Blonde
•Papa's Pilar Dark
•Penny Blue
•Pink Pigeon
•Plantation 20th Anniversary XO
•Plantation Grande Reserve 5
•Plantation Guyana 2005
•Plantation Jamaica 2001
•Plantation Original Dark
•Plantation Original Dark Overproof
•Plantation Three Stars White
•Plantation Trinidad 1999
•Puntacana Club Esplendido
•Puntacana Club XOX
•Pusser's 3
•Pusser's 15
•Pyrat Cask 1623
•Pyrat XO Reserve
•Quorhum 30
•Rhum St Barth Blanc Cool
•Rhum St Barth Ambre Chic
•Real McCoy 3 White
•Real McCoy 5
•Real McCoy 12
•Rum Fire
•Selvarey Cacao
•Selvarey White
•Skotlander RUM I
•Tanduay Chairman's Reserve Intrigue
•Tanduay Silver
•Tanduay Heritage XO
•Unhiq XO Unique Malt Rum
•Viejo de Caldas 3
•Viejo de Caldas Grand Reserva
•Vizcaya Cask 12
•Vizcaya Cristal
•Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21
•Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced
•Wicked Dolphin Silver
•Ypioca Prata
•Zafra 21

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