Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

April 15-17, 2016
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711 N.W. 72 Avenue
Miami, FL 33126

on site:
DoubleTree by Hilton

Miami Beach:
Hotel Breakwater

Hotel Victor

Casa Victoria Orchid

April 15-17, 2016 -- 8th Annual Miami Rum Festival
and International Trade Exposition for Rum
Rums On Display At Miami Rum Fest and Trade Expo

More than one hundred rums are displayed, offering an unprecedented opportunity for rum enthusiasts to sample, discern and learn about the world of fine rums.

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gold rums
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Admiral Nelson's Spiced
AfroHead 7
AfroHead XO
Amrut White
Amrut Old Port
Amrut Two Indies
Angostura 1919
Appleton Rare Blend
Bacardi 8 Años
Bacardi Gold
Bacardi Superior
Barbancourt Reserve Speciale
Barcelo Imperial
Barrilito 3 Stars
Barrilito 2 Stars
Bayou Silver
Bayou Spiced
Bayou Satsuma Rum Liquor
Bayou Select Barrel Reserve
Blackheart Spiced
Blue Chair Bay Banana
Blue Chair Bay Coconut
Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced
Blue Chair Bay White
Blue Chair Bay Vanilla
Blue Water Ultra Premium
Blue Water Caribbean Gold
Borgoe 8
Bristol Barbados 2004
Bristol Black Spiced
Bristol Port Morant Demerara 1999
Bristol Reserve Rum of Haiti 2004
Bristol Trinidad Caroni 1996
Brugal 1888
Brugal Añejo
Brugal XV
Brugal Especial Extra Dry
Carta Vieja Añejo
Carta Vieja Gold
Carta Vieja Silver
Carta Vieja Solera 18
Cartavio Selecto 5
Cartavio Solera 12
Cartavio XO 18
Caray Reserva Del Artesano
Caray Platinum
Chairman's Reserve
Citrus Spice
Citrus Chocolate
Clairin Lakay
Clarke's Court Old Grog
Club Caribe Silver
Cockspur Fine
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Don Papa
Don Papa 10
DonQ 151
DonQ Añejo
DonQ Coco
DonQ Cristal
DonQ Gold
DonQ Gran Añejo
DonQ Limon
DonQ Mojito
DonQ Pasion
Doorly's XO
Dzama Amber Nosy-Be
Dzama Amber Cuvée Noire Prestige
Dzama Cuvée Blanche
Dzama Cuvée Blanche Prestige
Dzama Cuvée Noire
Dzama Vanilla 1 yo
Dzama Vanilla 3 yo
Dzama Vanilla 10 yo
Dzama White Nosy-Be
English Harbour Aged
Fresh Coconuts - Coconut King
Gubba Gold
Gubba Silver
Hampden Estate Gold
Lost Spirits Colonial American Inspired
Lost Spirits Prometheus
Mezan Jamaica 2000
Mezan Jamaica XO
Mezan Panama 2004
Monymusk Special Reserve
Mount Gay Black Barrel
Mutineers Gold XO Special Reserve
Nine Leaves Clear
Nine Leaves Half American Oak Cask
Nine Leaves Half French Oak Cask
Opthimus Artesanal 25
Opthimus Artesanal 21
Opthimus Artesanal 18
Opthimus Artesanal 15
Opthimus Malt Whiskey 25
Opthimus OportO 25
Plantation 20th Anniversary XO
Plantation Grande Reserve 5
Plantation Guyana 2005
Plantation Jamaica 2001
Plantation Original Dark
Plantation Original Dark Overproof
Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy
Plantation Three Stars White
Pusser's Blue Label
Pusser's 15
Pusser's Gunpowder Proof
Pusser's Spiced
Real McCoy 3 White
Real McCoy 5
Real McCoy 12
Richland Single Estate Old Georgia
Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut
Siesta Key Spiced
Siesta Key Spiced Beer Barrel Finish
Skotlander Rum III (Sea Buckthorn)
Skotlander Rum IV (Liquorice)
Skotlander Cask
Skotlander White
St. Nicolas Abbey 10
Stroh 160 Spiced
Travellers 5 Barrel
Trigo Reserva Aneja
Westerhall Estate 10 XO
Wicked Dolphin Coconut
Wicked Dolphin Crystal
Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced
Wicked Dolphin Strawberry RumShine
Yolo Gold 10
Yolo Silver
Miami Rum Festival is produced by Rum Renaissance Festival LLC
presented by Rob's Rum Guide in association with the International Rum Expert Panel.
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