Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

April 15-17, 2016
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711 N.W. 72 Avenue
Miami, FL 33126

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DoubleTree by Hilton

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Hotel Breakwater

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Casa Victoria Orchid

April 15-17, 2016 -- 8th Annual Miami Rum Festival
and International Trade Exposition for Rum
Exclusive Celebrity and Trade Seminars
An outstanding array of seminars for the trade and the public will be presented at the Miami Airport Convention Center
Friday, Trade Day

Navigating the US distilled spirits market: understanding the regulatory framework of the three tier system

After the repeal of Prohibition, the US adopted a three-tier system for distributing alcoholic beverages in the United States, regulated federally by the TTB and in each state by an alcohol beverage control board with its own set of rules and regulations. Navigating these rules and regulations in a compliant way is crucial for a successful brand entry in the US. Andrea Nappi, Esq., head of compliance for Park Street, the leading alcoholic beverage back-office provider in the US, will provide an overview of concepts and strategies for brands thinking of entering the US market.

4pm Seminar Room 1

Reál Rum Cocktails…using Reál Cocktail Ingredients

by Dean Serneels. Join Mixologist Dean Serneels as he explores rum cocktails with an innovative new twist. Reál Cocktail Ingredients offer a burst of real fruit prepared with the tenderness of a professional chef using the highest quality sourced fruit to reach its full flavor potential. Together we will celebrate classic rum cocktails and some innovative new creations that you can call your own.

5pm Seminar Room 2

Understanding how to classify rum and what this means for authenticity and real intrinsic value

by Richard Seale. Is Rum the new Vodka ? We certainly hope not. In this seminar we will learn a new framework for classifying and understanding rum which will give greater insight as to what constitutes authentic rum character and why rum sold at a premium should be driven solely by real intrinsic value. This seminar is somewhat technical and not for the faint hearted. Best for serious enthusiasts who want to take their appreciation of rum to the next level. Be prepared as well to be challenged about what you think you know of rum.

6pm Seminar Room 1
Saturday Grand Tasting Session

Live the Rums of Puerto Rico Experience

by Rums of Puerto Rico Ambassador Jamil Cole. Learn about Puerto Rico's high-quality rum making process and tradition and taste its leading rum brands. Celebrate with the Rum of Puerto Rico Program 450 years of party. It's Rum Time!

2pm Seminar Room 1

The Real Rum Running Roaring 20s: the story of seagoing smugglers

by Professor Mike Beach. The Volstead Act prohibited the sale of spirits in the United States from 1920-1933. The Bahamas lie a mere 40 miles to the East, sugar cane fields and casks of molasses in the Caribbean lie just to the south. What was roaring about the 20's without rum? Who made rum available to your grandparents and how did they know it was the real McCoy?

3pm Seminar Room 2

Anthropology of the Caribbean and Rum

by Frederick Smith, Associate Professor at College of William and Mary in the Dept of Anthropology. Discussing the topics of his notable book on rum and culture in the Caribbean region.

4pm Seminar Room 1

How the Wood and the Char Affects Aging

by Federcio Schulz, Master Distiller at Distileria Unidas. Federico discusses his techniques and methods for selecting and preparing barrels in his vast aging warehouse in Cartavio, Peru. Such craftsmanship offers the master blender a broad range of expressions to use in creating fine rum blends.

5pm Seminar Room 2
Sunday Grand Tasting Session

How To Elevate Your Home Bar

Tips and advice for the home bar enthusiast by esteemed members of the Fraternal Order of the Moai.

3pm Seminar Room 1

The Art and Technique Of Evaluating Rum

by Bernhard Schäfer. One of the world's most experienced spirit judges offers advice on how best to taste spirits, to recognize flaws and judge the quality of fine rums.

4pm Seminar Room 2

The "Heart" Makes the Difference

by Dan Termini. Enjoy a unique Tasting experience while Wicked Dolphin Head Distiller, Dan Termini, discusses the process of making a craft product, from raw sugar to final spirit. Learn the difference between the Heads, Hearts and Tails cuts of the spirit, with examples of each. Florida's local Wicked Dolphin Rum: America's Craft Rum.

5pm Seminar Room 1
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