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The Rum Renaissance Festival welcomes journalists to attend our events. On this page you will find prepared short descriptions of the festival, press releases, articles, logos and banners that can be used in the promotion of the rum festival. Please let us know if you need any additional resources. robin@rumrenaissance.com

Rum Renaissance Press Credentials

Members of the Spirits Press, lifestyle editors, writers and travel journalists are invited to register for complimentary Rum Renaissance Festival media credentials. http://www.rumrenaissance.com/trade-admission/

Time and Place

Saturday and Sunday June 9 and 10, 2018 VIP Admission 1 to 7pm General Admission 2 to 7pm Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center 1950 Eisenhower Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Ticket URL: http://www.rumrenaissance.com/tickets/

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RumXP Best In Class Gold Award 2018 RumXP Awards

White Rum

Tanduay Silver – Best In Class
Caneland Parade – Gold
Casa Magdalena Ron Blanco – Gold
Real McCoy 3 – Gold
Plantation 3 Stars – Gold
Nine Leaves Clear – Gold

Rhum Agricole Blanc

LaMauny Acacia – Best In Class
Trois Rivières 50% Blanc – Gold
LaKay Clairin 22/22 – Gold
Trois Rivières Cuvée de Ocean – Gold
Caneland Rum Agricole – Gold

White Overproof Rum

Monymusk White Overproof – Gold

Spiced Rum

Brinley Spiced – Best In Class
Black Magic Spiced – Gold
Muddy River Carolina Spiced – Gold
Carmelita’s Spiced Orange – Gold

Flavored Rum

Koloa Coffee – Best In Class
Alligator Bay Dark – Gold
Boqueron Coconut – Gold
Ziami Grapefruit – Gold
Brinley Lime – Gold
Brinley Coconut Cream – Gold
Wicked Dolphin Hidden Barrel Maple – Gold

Boutique Aged Rum

Florida Mermaid – Best In Class
Queen Charlotte’s Reserve – Gold
Islamorada Small Batch Dark Barrel Aged – Gold
Koloa Reserve – Gold
Prichard’s Fine – Gold
Maggie’s Farm Queen Share Double Oak – Gold

Boutique Dark Rum

Naked in Jamaica – Gold
Maggie’s Farm 50/50 Dark Rum – Gold

Overproof Aged Rum

Plantation OFTD – Best In Class

Traditional Aged Rum

Monymusk Gold – Best In Class
Mezan Guyana 2005 – Gold
Mezan Panama 2006 – Gold
Grander 12 – Gold
Tanduay Gold – Gold
Real McCoy 5 – Gold

Premium Aged Rum

Real McCoy 12 – Best In Class
Mount Gay 1703 – Gold
Plantation Xaymaca – Gold
Plantation Fiji 2009 – Gold
Plantation Peru – Gold
Mount Gay XO – Gold


Rhum Agricole Aged

Trois Rivières VSOP – Best In Class
Trois Rivières Cuvée de Moulin – Gold
LaMauny VSOP – Gold
Trois Rivières Eleve Sous Bois – Gold

2018 Consumer Rum Jury Awards

White Rum

Casa Magdalena Ron Blanco – Gold
Cane Run – Gold

Dark Rum

Naked in Jamaica – Gold
Maggie’s Farm 50/50 Dark – Gold

Aged Rum

Dos Maderas 5 + 5 – Gold
Plantation XO – Gold
Mount Gay XO – Gold
Dzama Cuvée Noire – Gold
Diplomatico #2 – Gold
Mount Gay 1703 – Gold

Spiced Rum

Brinley Spiced – Gold
Carmelita’s Dark Spiced – Gold
Black Magic – Gold

Flavored Rum

Brinley Coconut – Gold
Carmelita’s Grilled Pineapple – Gold
Runner’s – Gold













Rum Renaissance Festival 50 word description

Rum Renaissance Festival offers a unique opportunity to sample hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond on June 9-10 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Master classes and interactive seminars, live entertainment, and a VIP Tasting Bar round out the activities. Admission begins at $75. http://www.RumRenaissance.com


El Rum Renaissance Festival provee una gran ocasión para saborear cientos de rones finos del Caribe y otras regiones del 9 al 10 de junio en el Centro de Convenciones de Fort Lauderdale. Clases profesionales, seminarios interactivos, entretenimiento en vivo y una degustación VIP complementan las actividades. Entradas desde $75. http://www.rumrenaissance.com/


Rum Renaissance Festival 75 word description

The annual Rum Renaissance Festival offers rum enthusiasts an opportunity to sample hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond during two days of grand tasting events at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, June 9-10, 2018. Celebrity seminars, master classes, live entertainment, lifestyle vendors, cocktail demonstrations and an international tasting competition round out the activities associated with this unique celebration of rum. Admission begins at $75 at the door. http://www.RumRenaissance.com


El Rum Renaissance Festival provee a los fanáticos del ron una gran ocasión para saborear cientos de rones finos del Caribe y otras regiones durante la gran cata en el Centro de Convenciones de Fort Lauderdale, del 9 al 10 de junio. Seminarios con celebridades, clases profesionales, entretenimiento en vivo, marcas famosas, cócteles y un concurso de degustación complementan las actividades de esta celebración única del ron. Entradas desde $75. http://www.rumrenaissance.com/



Rum Renaissance Festival 100 word description

Presenting the largest rum festival in the world — attracting rum experts, professionals and enthusiasts from more than 30 countries for a fabulous weekend of rum discovery. The annual Rum Renaissance Festival offers unlimited sampling of hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond. Experience two days of Grand Tasting events at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on June 9-10, 2018. Rum seminars, live entertainment, the VIP Tasting Bar and the RumXP International Rum Tasting Competition round out this unique celebration of the best rums in the world. $75 General Admission. $100 VIP admission. http://www.RumRenaissance.com


Presentando el mayor festival de ron del mundo, atrayendo a expertos, profesionales y fanáticos de más de 30 países a un fabuloso fin de semana de descubrimiento del ron. El Rum Renaissance Festival provee muestras ilimitadas de cientos de rones finos del Caribe y otras regiones. Disfrute la gran cata en el Centro de Convenciones de Fort Lauderdale del 9 al 10 de junio de 2018. Seminarios con celebridades, entretenimiento en vivo, la degustación VIP y el RumXP International Rum Tasting Competition complementan esta celebración de los mejores rones del mundo. Entradas desde $75. http://www.rumrenaissance.com/



Quotes by Robert Burr, host of Rum Renaissance Festival

“We’re excited that Rum Renaissance is celebrating its tenth anniversary of bringing the world of rum to South Florida. We’ve been visiting to all the rum producers to gather an incredible collection of fine rums to sample for this two day grand tasting event. It’s an opportunity for rum enthusiasts to enjoy their favorites and discover some delightful new expressions, gain a greater appreciation and share the enthusiasm of these fine spirits with friends.”
“South Florida is the number one rum market in the world and its only fitting that we present the largest rum tasting program in the United States once a year in this location. Its also a chance for the international rum community to come together, from the islands of the Caribbean and the Americas to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and beyond.”
“Rum Experts from near and far are presenting informative and entertaining seminars and master classes for those that wish to increase their knowledge and appreciation of rum. There is a lot of excitement among producers with many new and interesting products coming to market and many new developments in the world of rum.”

Radio Scripts

15 second
The world’s largest rum festival is coming to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on the weekend of June 9-10. Enjoy unlimited samplings with hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond – plus tasty rum cocktails and much more this weekend from from 2 to 7pm. Check out AmericanRumFest.com
30 Second
Attention rum enthusiasts: get ready for the best rum tasting experience of all time. The world’s biggest and best rum festival is coming to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on the weekend of June 9-10. Enjoy unlimited samplings with hundreds of fine rums from the Caribbean and beyond – plus tasty rum cocktails and much more this weekend from 2 to 7pm. Enjoy the rum seminars, learn all about rum, discover your favorites from more than 30 countries. It’s truly a Rum Renaissance. Tickets are available at the door or online at AmericanRumFest.com

30 Second MP3 Audio for radio and podcast.

High quality version available on request.

10th Annual Rum Renaissance Festival Announced

The hosts of the popular Rum Renaissance Festival in South Florida have recently announced details of their tenth annual event, to be held at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center on the weekend of June 9-10, 2018.

Rum Renaissance Festival - a celebration of cane spirits in the new world

Celebrating ten years, the Rum Renaissance Festival is poised to be bigger and better than ever with a new location on the water in Ft. Lauderdale.

The move from Miami-Dade County to Broward County offers a more convenient centralized location for residents of the eighth-most populated metropolitan area in the nation, currently surpassing six million people. South Florida is the number one rum market in the world. It’s also the gateway to the Caribbean, Central and South American regions, where more than 90% of the rum available in the United States is produced. The host hotel is the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina, located right on the water next to the convention center, with discounted room rates starting at $119 a night. Reserve online now to assure your reservation.

“South Florida is the number one rum market in the world.”

Rum Renaissance Festival Presents Rums Of The World

Rum Renaissance Festival draws rum collectors, experts, enthusiasts and professionals from across South Florida and from around the world, offering a stellar assortment of fine rums to sample. “We’re going all out to bring the world of rum to South Florida once again,” said festival organizer and publisher Robert Burr. “The rum category is experiencing explosive growth and renewed appreciation as producers are bringing their finest rums and special expressions to market. This two-day Grand Tasting event is tailor-made for those that truly appreciate discovering the depth and breadth of the world’s best rums.”

Rum Renaissance Festival

With two days of unlimited rum sampling, it’s a unique opportunity to experience, savor and discern many fine rums from producers near and far.

Rum Reputations Are Made Here

Rum Renaissance Festival is the place where rum reputations are made. Countless brands have launched their latest new products to an eager audience of spirits journalists, retailers, distributors and importers, as well as serious rum collectors. A growing trend is the number of American rum producers releasing an impressive range of boutique rum products and hand-made small-batch craft spirits. Attendees are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to expand their rum knowledge, discover new products and experience the latest expressions from the world’s finest rum producers.

Two Days of Grand Tastings

Rum Tasting eventTickets for the annual Rum Renaissance Festival are priced at $50 per day for samplings of rums from more than 40 countries. General admission includes unlimited samples of rums on display. There’s also a special VIP Tasting Bar for the most serious rum fanatics to taste rare and limited edition rums for a small fee. The event includes master classes and seminars by rum luminaries and key influencers.

RumXP Tasting Competition and Awards

The International Rum Expert Panel judges will be on hand to announce the winners of their annual RumXP Tasting Competition and present these esteemed awards.

Rum and Tiki Culture


The Hukilau

On the weekend of June 9-10, the Rum Renaissance Festival celebrates its coexistence with the annual Hukilau tiki event at the neighboring Pier 66 Hotel. The combination of Polynesian-theme cocktails and fabulous exotica is a perfect match for a weekend featuring America’s largest rum tasting event. The Hukilau draws an impressive crowd of tiki fanatics who appreciate the allure and delights of tropical cultures and fantastical cocktails that reflect the enchanting Polynesian lifestyle.

Complete details are available on the Rum Renaissance Festival web site at http://www.rumrenaissance.com For more information about types of rum, see Rob’s Rum Guide tutorials. To stay informed about news and updates in the world of rum, subscribe to Robs Rum Guide.

Rum Renaissance Festival – Seminars and Master Classes

The schedule for the 2018 Rum Renaissance Seminars features a broad and robust range of topics of interest to serious rum enthusiasts, as well as casual consumers.

Rum Renaissance Seminars and Master Classes ar Rum Renaissance Festival

a broad range of seminars and master classes are scheduled for the 2018 Rum Renaissance Festival

The tenth annual Rum Renaissance Festival, scheduled for the weekend of June 9-10, 2018 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center offers a large quantity of rum samples from across the globe. The event is known for attracting high quality speakers to share knowledge and insight with attendees into the realms of rum production, expert tasting and evaluation, international marketing, rum cocktails and more.

Rum Renaissance Seminars

Two seminar classrooms at the Grand Tasting Event can accommodate about 80 participants each. Reserved seating is available for $20 at the festival, or $15 in advance. The complete seminar and master class schedule is available online at http://www.rumrenaissance.com/seminars/

Rum Renaissance Seminars and Master Classes at Rum Renaissance Festival

The Rum Renaissance Experience

The annual Rum Renaissance Festival is attended by rum consumers in South Florida, as well as professionals and rum experts from around the world. As the largest rum tasting event in North America since its inception, the festival is a global showplace for new and emerging rum brands, with product premiere releases and opportunities to sample rare and limited edition rums. The host hotel for the 2018 Rum Renaissance Festival is the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Resort located directly next to the convention center. Rooms are available online for $119 in advance. For more information visit the Rum Renaissance Festival web site or call 707-278-6736. http://www.RumRenaissance.com

For more information about types of rum, see Rob’s Rum Guide tutorials. To stay informed about news and updates in the world of rum, subscribe to Robs Rum Guide. View insightful and succinct video rum reviews: Rum Minute YouTube Channel. Experience the ultimate rum travel adventure: Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise.

2018 Rum Renaissance Festival

This is your gateway to the world’s best rum tasting event.

Saturday, June 9
Sunday, June 10

2pm to 7pm
(VIP 1pm to 7pm)

Venue: Greater Ft. Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center

Host Hotel: Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina

Rum Renaissance Festival LLC

ph: 707-278-6736

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Rum Renaissance Festival is presented by Rob’s Rum Guide in association with the International Rum Expert Panel.

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Rum Renaissance Photo Library

Photos are available for publication with permission. Photo credit notes are included with many images in the library. Others can be credited to Rum Renaissance Festival. https://www.flickr.com/photos/thatnimrod/albums/with/72157682490208690

Tasting Glass Images

Rum Renaissance Festival - Grand Tasting Event
Rum Renaissance Festival - grand tasting
Rum Renaissance Festival - Grand Tasting Event
Rum Renaissance Festival - grand tasting

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Rum Tasting Glasses - Rum Renaissance Festival


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Rum Renaissance Festival
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Rum Renaissance Festival - an exquisite tasting of fine rum






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Rum Renaissance Festival
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Rum Renaissance Festival
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Rum Renaissance Festival
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Rum Renaissance Festival Moves to Fort Lauderdale
Miami New Times – Clarissa Buch – Wednesday, May 30, 2018

April 16, 2018
An interview with Robert and Robin Burr, hosts of the Rum Renaissance Festival, discussing the beginning of the festival and the evolution of the event over the past ten years. https://rumporter.com/en/the-renaissance-of-renaissance-rum-festival-interview-with-robert-robin-burr-creators-of-the-festival/


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Rob, Robin and Robert Burr are interviewed by Tim Padgett, Americas Editor of
WLRN Public Radio
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Brett Hubbard and Friends interview Rum Expert Robert Burr on their weekly show about spirits, wine and beer.

Florida State Homes
August, 2016

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