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Rum Renaissance Festival Seminars and Master ClassesRum Education

The annual Rum Renaissance Festival is the place to learn about rum with outstanding Rum Seminars.

In addition to copious opportunities to taste, discern and discover the best rums, attendees of the world’s best rum festival are invited to sign up for informative, entertaining and illuminating rum seminars and expert classes taught by some of the leading experts in the world from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the Caribbean region and the United States.

Seminars are $15 reserved in advance, or $20 at the door.

VIP admission includes 2 seminars, if reserved in advance.

Space is limited. Reserve online early. A waiting list will be created for those events that sell out.

Saturday, June 9

Greg Erchoff - Mezan RumSaturday at 3pm

Greg Ercoff

Mezan Philosophy: The Untouched Rum

Rum expert Greg Erchoff discusses the purest and most authentic styles of the Carribean’s rums with samples of authentic spirits that best represent their region. Each Mezan rum is unsweetened, uncolored and not chill filtered — therefore maintaining the inherent character of each rum’s home — Jamaica, Panama and Guyana.

Alexandre Gabriel - Plantation RumSaturday at 4pm

Alexandre Gabriele

West Indies Rum Distillery Revealed

This major rum producer in Barbados makes far more rum than all others on the island. Now, under the direction of Alexandre Gabriele and his Plantation Rum team in France, we learn what’s in store for the future at this legacy Barbadian rum production facility. In adition to the column stills, will we see the renovation and re-introduction of the venerable pot stills that made the rums of Barbados famous around the world?

Florent Beuchet - Compagnie des Indes RUMSaturday at 5pm

Florent Beuchet

Challenges and Strength of an Independent Bottler

Florent Beuchet, young entrepreneur and independent bottler of Compagnie des Indes Rum in Bletterans, France, will talk about the true added value of an Independent bottler in the rum world, exploring the challenges of acquiring the best limited edition rums for his customers.

Erin HayesSaturday at 6pm

Erin Hayes

Cane to Glass: The Life Cycle of Sugar Cane

Erin Hayes of House Spirits Distillery in Oregon takes us to Ingenio Magdalena in Guatemala, the world’s second largest sugar mill. Delve into the highly innovative laboratory at the mill and examine the ground breaking research that is put into use in the cane fields. Explore the production of raw and refined sugar, and molasses, the raw material that creates Casa Magdalena, the first new rum exported from Guatemala in over a century with a comprehensive look at the different grades of molasses as well as an in depth explanation of the specifics of fermenting and distilling sugarcane spirits.

Sunday, June 10

John BeaudetteSunday at 2pm

John Beaudette

Exporting American Rum

There was a time a couple of centuries ago when American Rum was known around the world as the very best. Now, as American rum producers are once again creating authentic fine rum expressions, how can they best share these cane spirits with eager consumers around the world?

Leonardo PintoSunday at 3pm

Leonardo Pinto

Distillation Flavor Profiles

This Master Class by Leonardo Pinto of Italy discusses the effects of various forms of fermentation and a variety of distillation techniques on the flavors of rum. How do yeasts influence the creation of complex congeners and flavor compounds? How do various types of stills produce the most desirable distillates?

Bernhard SchäferSunday at 4pm

Bernhard Schäfer

Know Your Rum Like An Expert

Noted German spirits expert Bernard Schäfer presents a Tale of Mystery and Imagination, a master class with insights from a world-class judge on how to evaluate and appreciate rums like an expert. With decades of experience and master certifications in many categories of spirits, Bernard offers informative, entertaining and illuminating advice to those who wish to truly understand their fine rums.

Oriol EliasSunday at 5pm

Oriol Elias

Birth of A Tiki Bartender

Tiki Bartender Oriol Elias from Spain will talk about how he got caught up by the exotic cocktails and the faux Polynesian culture. He will give us the history of his beginnings, influences, travels, anecdotes and secrets, giving us a chance to know more about Spanish and European tiki culture. He will make some signature drinks giving us the chance to travel to his mysterious Mediterranean paradise.

Fraternal Order of the Moai - Gumbo Limbo ChapterSunday, 6pm

Fraternal Order of Moai

Tiki 201 – The Next Level

The Fraternal Order of the Moai will take your love of rum and your love of Tiki to the next level and guide you through the steps to host a successful Tiki Cocktail Party. Learn how to make a Maika’i Loa Punch (that’s Hawaiian for awesome) and get some tips and tricks on how to be a great host, amazing bartender and still be able to enjoy your own party!

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