The TTB COLA Process by Park Street

instructions for bringing your products into the USA and the Rum Festival

How to get a full TTB COLA and/or COLA Waiver

Park Street LogoThe TTB is a the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. They regulate all the liquor in the United States of America. Here is the page on their web site explaining the basic regulations for the US: In order to be able to show and taste your product at our Rum Festival you can go one of two routes: 1. Get FULL Label Approval for the US called COLA – $125 which takes 32 business days. This is permanent and will allow you to import and sell your products in the US long term, but you must allow extra time. 2. Get TEMPORARY COLA Waiver Label Approval to show your product ONLY to the TRADE – $75 which takes 20 business days. This is temporary and you are only allowed to import your product for this rum festival and for the RumXP Competition and Consumer Rum Jury Competition prior to the show. If you want to show your product only to the Trade (RumXP Judges, etc.) then you can obtain the temporary label approval. You will be required to exhibit in a special area of the exhibit hall that is for the TRADE ONLY. Your product can only be tasted by people in the spirits industry. Consumers are NOT allowed to taste your product(s). Any bottles/product(s) left over at the end of the festival must be destroyed.

First, Sign Your Rum Festival Contract

Before you begin either process we require your contract for the festival be complete and on file with us and payment arrangements to be made for your exhibit space or to enter your product(s) in the RumXP competition. Once these arrangements are made Park Street Imports will be advised. Then, you can submit your request for your COLA or COLA Waiver by sending email to: subject: Rum Renaissance COLA Waiver Request

Product Shipping Instructions

Upon approval of your product(s) you will be given shipment instructions. Please read all the paperwork in the Exhibitor’s contract regarding the RumXP competition.

  • For the RumXP Competition you must submit a minimum of two bottles of each expression.
  • For the Consumer Rum Jury Competition, you must submit two additional bottles.

If you are shipping additional products for the exhibit space, you will also receive those shipping instructions as well.

Fees for COLA Services

Please remember the fees for the paperwork ($125 or $75) are payable directly to Park Street. You are also responsible for any customs duties and shipping fees incurred through your International shipper (FedEx, DHL or UPS Int’l). Below you will find a Power Point presentation from Park Street — Park Street Route To Market Strategies — that explains the entire Full COLA permanent process. This is a seminar often presented at our festival for those who are looking to bring their products to the American market. Click on the link below.

Park Street Route To Market Strategies (PDF)

Click on the Link Below to view the presentation.

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