Rum Brands

discover a world of rum under one roof


Sample These Fine Rum Brands and more…

The Rum Renaissance team reaches out to all the best rum producers in the world to bring an incredible selection of fine spirits to the Rum Renaissance Festival.

Dozens of distilleries, importers, producers, distributors and boutique brands will be on display for sampling.

Unlimited tasting samples are provided by brands exhibiting at the event. Your admission includes a complimentary tasting glass.

The Private Collection Tasting Bar

The Private Collection Tasting Bar will feature many of your all-time favorite rums, as well as rare, limited edition luxury rums for connoisseurs.

Purchase $5 tickets for these rare samples, with proceeds benefitting a local non-profit organization.

The Private Collection Tasting Bar
Antelope Island Rum
Ron Viejo de Caldas
Ron Colón Salvadoreño
Dos Maderas Rum
Just Rum
Prichard's Rum
Rhum Saint James
Striped Lion Rum
Striped Lion Rum
Bahamas Tourism
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Cotherman Distilling - Palmer's Tropical Rums
Cozumel Rum Company
El Dorado Demerara Rum
Authentico Nativo Rum
Roman Candy Rum
Tanduay Asian Rum
Tres Clavos Rum
Carta Vieja Logo
Dented Brick Distillery
Golden Age Spirits
Parce Rum
Noxx & Dunn Pure Florida Rum
Ron Pepón Caña Agrícola
Tiburon Rum - The Spirit Of Belize
Bombarda Rum
Coco Rum Original
Copalli Rum
Diplomático Rum
Plantation Rum
SelvaRey Rum
Wildcat Brothers Rum
Zacapa Rum
Joy Wallace Catering